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Fire shutter door control methods

       Rolling shutter fire doors put electric and manual two. Fire shutter action program step down and two steps down two.
       Step down
       On the non-evacuation passage only for fire-resistant fire shutter doors, set fire alarm detectors on both sides, the action procedure for a step down, that is, the relevant fire alarm detector alarm, the fire shutter directly to the ground.
       Two steps down
       The fire shutter located on the evacuation passage shall be provided with fire alarm detector groups on both sides and manual control buttons shall be set on both sides. The operation procedure shall be a two-step drop, that is, after an associated fire alarm detector alarms, it descends to the ground 1.7 ~ 1.8m stop; another related fire alarm detector alarm, the shutter should continue to decline to the ground.
       Manual operation method
       Fire shutter door manual operation position are generally located in the roller blind shaft side, the operating tool is a circular iron chain, the chain is usually placed in a storage box, the operation, first open the door to take out the chain, such as pull down The side of the wall by the chain, the curtain will be to descend; such as pulling down the other side of the chain, the shutter will roll up.
       Electric operation method
       Operation of the fire shutter door automatic operation of the electric button set on one side of the inner and outer rolling shutter doors, both in the inside operation, but also in the outside operation.In operation, press the green button, roll up both, press the green Key, shutter down both; press the middle of the red button, both stop button.
       Central control room operation
       Central control room operation refers to the fire control indoor duty staff directly operate shutter to take off and land a way. Generally detected by the monitor or alarm alarm, fire in a particular area, directly in the control room to start the electrical switch, the implementation of regional cut off, control of fire spread.

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