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Urban main battle fire truck development trend

       New Challenges Facing City Fire and Rescue

       Since the reform and opening up, China's economy and society have been in a period of rapid development. With rapid urban construction, new situations and new problems continue to emerge in city fire fighting and rescue missions, posing new challenges to the fire fighting and rescue mission.

       Urban public fire safety facilities lagged

       Due to the imperfect development plan of urban construction, the newly-built urban areas such as the villages in the villages and the public fire-fighting facilities are not available. In addition, the area of the built-up area behind the construction of public fire-fighting facilities, However, with the continuous expansion of urban construction and constant increase of resident population, the problem of lagging behind the construction of public fire-fighting facilities in cities, especially the fire engines, has become increasingly prominent and can not be changed for a long period of time.

       The risk of a wide range of fires continue to increase

       With the acceleration of industrialization, informatization and urbanization, large-scale integrated commercial buildings, large-scale comprehensive exhibition buildings, large-scale storage buildings, large-scale production workshops, large bazaars, large-scale logistics distribution bases and large-scale chemical production plants, Flammable liquid storage tank areas continue to emerge, burning area, high intensity, long fighting, long-term social impact of fire have occurred, and with the continuous economic and social development, the risk of a wide range of fires continue to increase.

       Fire fighting and rescue coexist more and more

       The urban population in our country is not only large in size but also high in density. Colleagues fighting fires often have a large number of people trapped in fire places and need rescue. There are also more and more co-exist tasks of different types of fire fighting and rescue operations. The bigger it is. Therefore, when dealing with a fire accident, it requires a large number of firefighters to carry out evacuation, search and rescue operations, and also requires all kinds of rescue equipment and equipment to conduct fire detection, construction demolition and smoke extraction.

       Emergency rescue mission is getting heavier and heavier

       With the promulgation and implementation of the revised Fire Prevention Law, the public security and fire brigade must not only undertake the fire fighting and rescue work, but also undertake other emergency rescue work mainly based on the rescue of people's lives. Therefore, in recent years, the number of emergency attendance police officers has been increasing year by year. In many areas, the number of emergency response and rescue police officers surpassed the number of fire alarm officers in some areas and even accounted for more than 80% of the total number. Especially with the continuous increase of the mileage of urban roads, highways and other roads and the number of motor vehicles, the fire fighting and rescue of traffic accidents in the built-up areas and surrounding roads are also increasing, even becoming the second most common firestorm in urban areas One of the main mission of rescue.

       Therefore, the task of fire fighting and rescue under the new situation has put forward more and more suggestions on the driving passing performance, fire detection performance, exhaust lighting performance, operation control performance, ability of putting on power, ability of sustained storming and rescue and rescue capability of the major combat vehicles in urban fire station High demand.


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