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Fire door fire shutter four ways

       First, the push and pull: 1.5 cold-rolled steel rails (by the hemming, bending and high-quality spray processing), up and down the vertical push and pull, convenient and flexible, small footprint, suitable for small vehicles;

        Second, the hand push roll type: The use of torsion spring reel, solid and practical, small footprint, the maximum winding diameter of not more than 25CM (fire shutter doors within 3m), waterproof rails on both sides of the strip has a good Waterproof, widely used in fire engines, rescue vehicles and other special vehicles.

        Third, electric: 230V tubular motor, built-in 433MHz rolling code transmitting and receiving system can be controlled and remote control, remote control distance of 200 meters outdoors, 35 meters indoor; open speed of 15rpm, Bounce, stroke size adjustable; and configure the corresponding 12V, 24V car inverter, to solve the vehicle AC and DC conversion trouble.

        Fourth, flashlight dual-use: The use of open-clutch manual tubular motor, power failure or failure, enable the manual clutch, easy to open and close the fire shutter doors.


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