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       Anhui Tianlong Tianlong Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Affiliation: Tianlong Fire-fighting Science and Technology Equipment Center) is located in Tianchang City, east of Pearl River in the east of Yangtze River. It is adjacent to the ancient capital of Nanjing in the south and adjacent to the scenic Yangzhou in the east. "Yangtze River Delta" economic circle, strategic location, Ning-Lian Expressway runs through the territory, convenient traffic, for the development of fire protection products and market development to provide a superior entrepreneurial environment.

       Tianlong Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company based on fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting technology electronics. It has formed a modern large-scale enterprise that integrates development, design, production, sales and service. It has become one of the " Self-export right "of fire technology companies.

The company mainly produces fire electronic products and fire equipment metal products.

       Company electronic products are: automatic pressure balance system (patent application number: 200910157481.6), the State III EFI engine electric throttle, FLII pointer stainless steel float level gauge, FLIIIED electronic pressure sensor level gauge, a type of foam car Low liquid level gauge, (points: float, pressure sensor type), LED high-brightness digital tube tachometer, anti-LED high-brightness warning lights, flashing lights and so on.

       Company fire metal products are: curtain doors (points: silver flat, striped matt, patent application number: 200920167760.6) backup ladder, Ladder, retractable Ladder, side ladder, aluminum drawer, Pinto, rotating plate, reverse Agencies, and various series of aluminum connectors and so on.

The above products have passed the "National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Testing Center" test.

       On the basis of establishing and perfecting the domestic distribution network, the company has also made active use of its own import and export rights and made breakthroughs in international market development. The products are exported to Europe, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions and the export volume has been increasing year after year .

       People-oriented, and abide by the integrity of the world; Tianlong company has consistently adhered to the quality of survival, technology and development, customer-focused, management and efficiency for the operating principles and dedication to contribute to the cause of fire; Tianlong people keep in mind "today's Quality = tomorrow's market "concept; welcome friends from all sectors of the community fire fighting cooperation and exchange.

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